Bridging Investigative Journalism and Adventure Travel ‘Outpost’ Docu-Series Set to Air Sunday, March 26 in Two Languages on Two Networks

Mar 20, 2017


Expanded Docu-Series From Story House Entertainment Produced by i am OTHER

Guest Correspondents Including Jon Batiste, Jason Silva, Mike Tyson, & Carmen Carrera

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MIAMI, FL – MARCH 16, 2017 – Airing on two networks in two languages beginning on March 26, the new docu-series ‘OUTPOST,’ a Story House Entertainment production, produced by i am OTHER, bridges investigative journalism with adventure travel to share untold human, social and cultural stories. Season one focuses on stories based in Latin America that resonate on a global scale. The series will air Sunday nights with English versions airing on FUSION TV @ 8PM and 11PM (channel listings) and with Spanish versions airing on UniMas @ 11PM; both networks will debut the series with back-to-back half-hour episodes on March 26, see episode descriptions below.

With the help of special guest correspondents Jon Batiste (“Late Show with Stephen Colbert” bandleader, Jon Batiste and Stay Human), Jason Silva (“Brain Games,” “Shots of Awe”) Mike Tyson (former professional boxer), and Carmen Carrera (transgender model, LGBT rights advocate), as well as a series of other young, diverse correspondents, viewers get a chance to experience Latin America like never before, while taking in vibrant and unique stories with authentic local perspectives about subcultures, environmental matters, current events and adventure sports.  Additional guest correspondents include Mia Maestro (“The Strain”), Michaela DePrince (Dutch National Ballet), Rudy Mancuso (social media star), Maya Gabeira (premier big wave surfer), Sean Reyngoudt (top kitesurfer) and Laila Gohar (New York-based chef). Complementing these guest correspondents are journalists: Kimberly Brooks, Vytenis Didziulis, Gabriel Leigh, Ramon Iriarte, Alice Brennan and Natasha Del Toro.

The inaugural season of the twelve-episode series focuses on stories and locals from Haiti, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Cuba, Argentina, Honduras, Chile and more. From Oaxaca to Argentina and Easter Island to Paraguay, the docuseries offers an offbeat and immersive exploration of Latin America.

‘“Outpost’ is a truly immersive series, one that explores the subcultures, and societal and social issues that are truly relatable in every way and certainly transcend borders. We are proud to offer something utterly fresh and original – content that tackles the unexpected and provides viewers with a series that provokes, entertains, and informs,” said Christian Gabela, General Manager of Story House Entertainment.

In FUSION’s premiere week episodes, “Empowering New Voices” features Carmen Carrera in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Gabriel Leigh in El Alto, Bolivia, as they explore the various ways people are raising their voices and taking back the power. In “The Wild Coast,” Mike Tyson travels to Suriname to discover the long-running tradition of songbird contests, where small birds compete against one another in signing battles.

In the UniMás premiere week episode, “The Power of One,” Vytenis Didziulis ventures to Rio and Gabriel Leigh heads to Chile as they highlight personal stories of how one person can make all the difference. In “Environmental Survival,” the massive effort to save the Amazon and Easter Island are examined, with Vytenis Didziulis.

Additional topics explored throughout the season include: Jon Batiste discovering how music is helping the people of Haiti rise out of the rubble from the 2010 earthquake, Maya Gabeira meeting women who are rescuing young girls from sex trafficking, Rudy Mancuso investigating how the power of the Internet can help to shape today’s culture and political landscape, Michaela DePrince learning how Cuba is navigating its future as it undergoes massive changes, Jason Silva exploring the Latin America drug world and more.

FUSION Premiere Episode Descriptions

“Empowering New Voices” looks at the various ways people are making themselves heard and taking back the power.

  • Trans Awakening: Carmen Carrera travels to Sao Paulo, Brazil – a place where rates of violence against the LGBT community are some of the highest in the world – during the annual gay pride parade to find out what’s happening, what life is like for young transgender people in Brazil, and what the future might hold.
  • Cholets: Gabriel Leigh takes us to El Alto, Bolivia, where some of the craziest architecture on earth is taking shape as part of a surge in indigenous Aymara economic relevance and power in the country.

“The Wild Coast” zones in on the forgotten corner of South America, the Guyanas, exploring its history and traditions.

  • A History Lesson: This animated special explains the history of European attempts to colonize the Guyanas, and all that has happened since.
  • Songkeepers: Mike Tyson travels to Suriname to discover a long-running tradition of songbird contests, where small birds compete in singing battles.

UniMás Premiere Episode Descriptions

“The Power of One” delves into three amazing stories about individual struggle that exemplify how, sometimes, one person can make all the difference.

  • The Lord of Gangs: Vytenis Didziulis takes us to the favelas of Rio to meet an evangelical pastor seeking to save souls among some of the city’s most hardened criminals.
  • The War for Water: Gabriel Leigh heads to Chile to meet a family of pro kayakers battling a hydro-industrial project that threatens the river and the valley they call home.
  • SexMex: A former altar boy converts and becomes Mexico’s first porn baron.

“Environmental Survival” explores the massive effort to save the Amazon and an island test case for what happens when humans destroy their environment.

  • Amazon Swat: Vytenis Didziulis travels to the deep Amazon to meet an eco-warrior and his small team taking on the illegal loggers that are destroying the precious jungle.
  • Rapa Nui Serenade: “Outpost” goes to Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, to find out how a small group of people are using music to help an island society struggling to regain its footing.

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