Univision Network No. 2 Among Adults 18-34 for Fourth Consecutive Monday, Beating One or More English-Language Broadcaster Every Night Last Week

Jan 18, 2017

Univision Out-Delivers FOX on Monday and Friday, and ABC on Saturday, Making it the No. 4 Network on Three Nights Among Adults 18-49

Univision Broadcast Prime Highlights
Week of January 9, 2017 to January 15, 2017

Univision out-delivered one or more of the English-language broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX) on all seven nights last week among young Adults 18-34.

  • On Saturday night Univision maintained its No. 3 rank among young Adults 18-34, out-delivering NBC (+26%) and ABC (+86%). Univision also beat ABC (+15%) ranking as the No. 4 Broadcast network among Adults 18-49.
    • At 8pm Sábado Futbolero, featuring Monterrey vs. Guadalajara, attracted 1.5 million Total Viewers 2+ and 796,000 Adults 18-49 and 382,000 young Adults 18-34, making it the most-viewed Liga MX match ever in the timeslot on Univision.
  • Univision was the No. 3 broadcast network for the second consecutive Friday night with young Adults 18-34, beating both NBC (+15%) and FOX (+55%). Univision also finished the night as the No. 4 broadcast network with Adults 18-49, attracting +6% more viewers than FOX for the second consecutive Friday.
  • On Thursday night Univision rose to the No. 2 position, out-delivering both NBC and CBS (+3%) with young Adults 18-34.
  • Univision outperformed CBS for the third consecutive night this past week, ranking No. 4 on Wednesday night among young Adults 18-34 (+4%).
  • On Tuesday night Univision out-delivered CBS by double-digit margins (+40%) with young Adults 18-34.
  • For the fourth consecutive Monday night, Univision ranked as the No. 2 Broadcast network among young Adults 18-34. Univision attracted more Adults 18-34 viewers than NBC (+25%) and CBS (+8%). Univision also beat FOX by +8% on Monday night to rank No. 4 among Adults 18-49.
  • Univision held the No. 3 Broadcast Network rank on Sunday night with young Adults 18-34, averaging more young Adults 18-34 than ABC (+31%) and CBS (+28%).
    • At 7pm “Sal y Pimienta” (Salt and Pepper) attracted 1.4 Million Total Viewers 2+, 578,000 Adults 18-49 and 233,000 young Adults 18-34.
    • At 8pm Univision premiered its new dramatic Series “Su Nombre Era Dolores: La Jenn Que Yo Conocí” (Her Name Was Dolores: The Jenn I Knew). The two-hour premiere attracted 1 million Total Viewers 2+, 1.0 million Adults 18-49 and 489,000 young Adults 18-34. The premiere made Univision the No. 3 broadcast network during the 8pm-10pm time period, outperforming ABC and CBS among young Adults 18-34
    • Following at 10pm Univision premiered “Blue Demon,” the story of famed Lucha wrestler Alejandro Muñoz, and delivered 3 million Total Viewers 2+, 698,000 Adults 18-49 and 301,000 young Adults 18-34. The 10pm telecast helped Univision outperform ABC and CBS in the 10pm hour among young Adults 18-34.

Airing Monday-Friday Univision’s prime novela lineup…

  • Univision’s 8pm novela, “Despertar Contigo” (Waking Up With You) attracted 1.8 Million Total Viewers 2+, 790,000 Adults 18-49 and 391,000 young Adults 18-34.
  • At 9pm “Vino el Amor” (Then Came Love) averaged 2.3 million Total Viewers 2+, 1.0 Million Adults 18-49 and 469,000 young Adults 18-34. The 9pm novela helped Univision rank as the No. 2 broadcast network with young Adults 18-34, beating NBC (+4%), CBS (+9%) and FOX (+7%) during the Mon-Fri 9pm hour.
  • Airing at 10pm, “El Color de la Pasión” (The Color of Passion) delivered 2.2 Million Total Viewers 2+, 1.0 Million Adults 18-49 and 447,000 young Adults 18-34. Univision also ranked as the No. 3 broadcast network among young Adults 18-34 during the Mon-Fri 10pm hour, besting CBS (+32%) and ABC (+4%).

Broadcast Prime Network Rankers
Week of January 9, 2017 to January 15, 2017

Source: Nielsen, NPM (01/09/2017-01/15/2017) Mon-Sat 8pm-11pm/Sun 7pm-11pm, Live+SD. Strict daypart. Prior week (01/02/2017-01/08/2017) Program ranker excludes programs duration <30 minutes.

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