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Mobilizing Hispanic Families to Boost Brain Building Moments with Young Children

In the month of April, our empowerment platform Univision Contigo  launched its second year of “Pequeños y Valiosos” (Young and Valuable), educating families about the importance of dedicating at least 15 minutes every day to transforming daily activities into brain building moments with their youngest children. In collaboration with Too Small to Fail and Vroom, an initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation, this early childhood educational program offers Hispanic families resources and information, so they can make a significant difference in the development of their young children’s minds.

The campaign mobilized nearly 20,000 parents and caregivers who pledged via text or email to engage in meaningful, quality interactions with children from birth through age five to boost early brain development, strengthen skills in early numeracy and literacy, and promote the developmental benefits of bilingualism. These parents will now be part of a community that will routinely receive useful information and tips on how to enrich brain building moments with their children. The campaign included messaging across all of Univision’s platforms including events hosted in 14 cities across the country which attracted 73,000 people.

The success of this campaign demonstrates our community’s interest in this important subject, validated by the fact that thousands of parents moved from simply watching our content towards taking steps to act on behalf of their children’s development. We are very proud that through Univision Contigo, we have the opportunity to make such a long-lasting impact in the community we serve on such a critically important topic as early childhood education.

For more information about Univision Contigo and its Community empowerment programs, please click here.


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