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Driving Forces Behind Hispanic Family Travel

As the weather is heating up, summer travel is on the minds of many across the country, especially Hispanics. In fact, Hispanics are 31% more likely than non-Hispanics to take two or more vacations a year.1 So, when and where they are traveling?

The summer vacation season is by far the most frequent time for Hispanics to travel, with amusement parks and water parks being some of their most popular destinations. According to a recent Mintel report, Hispanics are 53% more likely than non-Hispanics to have taken a vacation to a theme park, amusement park or water park in the last year, presenting a huge opportunity for marketers in this industry.3 Here are a few things to consider when reaching out to Hispanic travelers this summer, regardless of their destination:

Hispanics are multi-generational travelers

In Hispanic culture, family comes first, a fact evidenced by the way they travel together. Add to that the cultural tendency toward larger and multigenerational families, meaning that Hispanics are not only traveling more often than non-Hispanics, but with more people—including their parents and children. In fact, 61% of Hispanics reported that they like having their parents on vacation with them, compared to 48% of non-Hispanics.2 Because they are traveling with their children, most Hispanics reported that family-friendly facilities and active play for children are important factors, causing Hispanics to value places like theme parks and water parks that have activities for their kids to enjoy.

Hispanics share travel decisions with families

Hispanics are also accommodating the needs of their entire family by including them in any travel-related decisions. When it comes to travel decision making, a majority of adults say they are the sole decision makers. However, Hispanics are more likely to consult with different family members, across generations. Research shows that Hispanics are 95% more likely than non-Hispanics to share travel decision making details with their parents or grandparents and even more likely to do the same with kids under 11 years old (51% Hispanic vs 22% non-Hispanic). 1 Therefore, marketing messages that are sensitive to this fact and highlight family-friendly offerings will resonate best with Hispanic travelers.

Hispanics are using their mobile devices on vacation

While vacation is usually a time to un-plug our devices, Hispanics are plugging in and remaining connected. One key reason for this is that 86% of Hispanics agree smartphones have made it easier to travel as a family, in comparison to only 75% of Non-Hispanics.3 Hispanic travelers also frequently use their smart phones to share content on social media—71% of Hispanics like to post pictures and videos on social media during family vacations, as opposed to 64% of Non-Hispanics.3 This not only allows them to share their travel experiences with their social community, but also actively creates exposure for the travel destinations that they visit through word of mouth.

Overall, Hispanics have evolved as lucrative contributors to the travel and amusement park industry, drawn to the opportunity to bring the family together. So, during this summer season, reach out to potential Hispanic travelers with messaging on why your destination is perfect for their family.

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