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Hispanics Savor the Moviegoing Experience

The trailers roll, the lights dim and awesome picture and sound fills the room…there’s nothing like the moviegoing experience—especially for Hispanics. According to NRG, 53% of Hispanics say the in-theater experience is a main reason why they go to the movies. Here are some of the reasons why a trip to the movies is so popular with Hispanics:

Being the First to Know

Did you see it coming? Did you catch the after-credits scene?  Watching the plotline unfold is central to the moviegoing experience and Hispanics want to see it for themselves—they’re 53% more likely to say they don’t want anyone spoiling the movie for them. And don’t’ be surprised to see them waiting in line for the midnight showing; Hispanics are 61% more likely to go to the movies on opening day. This is another reason why the Hispanic WOM carries a punch – their social circles know exactly who to get the scoop from.

Perfect Group Activity

Witnessing something for the first time as part of group creates an indescribable connection with fellow moviegoers. And with Hispanics, the communal experience is a central reason for making the trip—47% of Univisionistas* confirm that the social nature of the movies is a major driver for them. It’s also an easy entertainment that requires little planning, especially important when attending in large groups.  And with a theatre being close to home—21% of people living near a major movie theatre are Hispanic—gathering the squad for opening weekend is the perfect spur of the moment group outing.

All About the Extras

Hispanics do not skimp.  We’ve talked about how they are more likely to watch in 3D (read how this delivered box office success for The Jungle Book), but their full theater experience doesn’t stop there. Hispanics are 46% more likely to purchase reserved seating, which is especially handy for big groups. They also over index in buying beverages (52% more likely) and snacks (11% more likely) at the concession stand. As Mintel reports, this bodes well for theatres as they continue to expand their concession menus.

Hispanics Savor the Moviegoing Experience

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