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Drive Hispanic Drug Store Visits with Retail Clinics

We recently posted about the importance of the pharmacist at retail, and want to highlight another reason Hispanics are visiting drug stores – the retail clinic. According to Mintel, 32% of Hispanics visited an in-store retail health clinic to receive treatment in the past 12 months compared to only 21% of non-Hispanics. This aligns with the findings from the Univision/Nielsen Hispanic Healthcare Journey study, which also found that Hispanics are significantly more likely to visit retail clinics.

Not only are more Hispanics visiting retail clinics, they’re also repeat customers. Nearly half (48%) of Hispanics visit health clinics again compared to only 32% of non-Hispanics. Within one year, Hispanics are twice as likely as non-Hispanics to visit 2 or more times.

These return visits are important for retailers to consider, as each is an opportunity for additional purchases. Hispanics are 18% more likely than non-Hispanics to purchase additional items because of their visit to the retail clinic.

Retailers should ask themselves, what are they doing to engage Hispanic consumers who are more likely to utilize their services and be loyal repeat customers.


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