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Celebrate American Pharmacist Month with Hispanics

As retailers celebrate American Pharmacist month this October, it’s important to highlight the consumer that relies on and trusts the pharmacist more than most – U.S. Hispanics.

According to a recent Mintel report, Hispanics are as likely as non-Hispanics to trust a drug store with their healthcare needs and regularly utilize drug store healthcare services such as checking their blood pressure and screening tests. Where we see a difference in behavior, is in interacting with the pharmacist. Hispanics are 33% more likely to consult with drugstore pharmacists than non-Hispanics.

The Univision/Nielsen Hispanic Healthcare Journey study found that Hispanics are more likely to rely on the pharmacist as a trusted source of healthcare information. Nearly half (45%) of Hispanics regularly ask pharmacists for advice on OTC products compared to one-third (31%) of non-Hispanics.

These inquiries with the pharmacist matter, since Hispanics are 62% more likely than non-Hispanics to purchase an OTC brand recommended by a pharmacist. When it comes to prescription medications, the pharmacist also plays a critical role. Two-thirds (62%) of Hispanics rely on pharmacists for information on their prescription medications compared to 48% of non-Hispanics. So, whether they’re looking for OTC products or picking up a prescription, the pharmacist is a key part of the Hispanic purchasing process.

Retailers have the opportunity to develop a stronger connection with Hispanic consumers through this relationship, and can drive traffic to their stores by positioning their pharmacists as reliable, relatable healthcare advisors.


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