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Watch this Webinar: Hispanic OTC Path to Purchase

In our latest Hispanic 411 webinar, we revealed findings from the Hispanic Healthcare Journey study, conducted in partnership with Nielsen. The objective was to uncover the differences and similarities between Hispanic and non-Hispanic healthcare related attitudes and behaviors. The study explores consumers’ path to purchase for OTC products, as well as how patients manage their path to treatment.

For this webinar, I was joined by Felisha Lewis, VP of Healthcare Custom Insights at Nielsen, as we discussed part one of our findings: The OTC path to purchase.

Here are some highlights:

Health Is a Top Priority:

Healthcare is a top priority for Hispanics, second only to family. However, many do not believe that they are in good health — 45% of Hispanics, compared to 26% of non-Hispanics. They often feel overwhelmed when trying to make healthcare decisions for themselves and for their families. In order to gain control, Hispanics proactively look for information that can be of help.

Eager for Information and Open to Messaging:

Hispanics are looking for health information to help guide their purchase decisions. According to the study, 64% of Hispanics actively seek healthcare information compared to 58% of non-Hispanics, and they rely on a variety of sources including healthcare professionals, family, friends, and especially, TV and digital. In fact, 36% of Hispanics rely on TV advertisements vs. 19% of non-Hispanics. Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to find OTC ads informative and purchase an OTC product because of those ads. This means that Hispanic consumers are actually looking for, and acting on, your messaging.

Spanish is Key:

The study shows that Spanish-language outreach resonates with Hispanics. Ads in Spanish are more likely to capture their attention. Even more importantly, 53% of Hispanics find ads in Spanish easier to understand, and 52% have a more favorable opinion of brands that advertise in Spanish. Communicating in Spanish offers brands a chance to create a stronger, deeper connection with Hispanic consumers.

Proactive, Brand Loyal Shoppers:

Hispanic shoppers are motivated to head into the store to stock up on OTC products. This behavior reinforces the fact that Hispanics are proactively managing their health. In addition to seeking out information, they are also purchasing for their future health needs. Even in seasonal categories, like cough/cold and allergies, Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to purchase before they become symptomatic. They want to be prepared and have their preferred products on hand.

Hispanics are also extremely brand loyal: 47% only buy brand name products vs. 31% of non-Hispanics. Hispanic shoppers will even go out of their way for their favorite brands: 60% would go in search of a preferred brand at another store if it’s out of stock, vs. 49% of non-Hispanics.  This commitment to brands may be why Hispanics are less price-sensitive than non-Hispanics when purchasing OTC products. Hispanics are more concerned with product efficacy and recommendations than they are with price.

Valuable Brand Advocates:

Once their loyalty has been earned, Hispanics become valuable advocates for brands. Hispanics are twice as likely to both recommend an OTC product and buy OTC products to share with their friends and family. These behaviors can be leveraged to increase brand purchase frequency and introduce new users to your brand.

Stay tuned for a recap of our next Hispanic Healthcare Journey webinar, the Rx Path to Treatment.

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