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Hispanic Insured Rates Reaches New Heights

The ACA’s third open enrollment period is just days away (November 1) and, according to last month’s release of the U.S. Census, Hispanic health insurance rates have officially reached a new benchmark.

From 2013-2014, 3 million Hispanic lives were added to the insured population, which translates into +9% year-over-year growth of the number of insured vs. only +4% among total non-Hispanics. As a result, a record 80% of all Hispanics are now covered with some form of health insurance. The number of insured Hispanics is quickly catching up with the non-Hispanic insured coverage rate of 92%.

Despite these impressive gains, Hispanics remain the minority group with the largest uninsured rate— one third of the remaining uninsured is Hispanic. It is important for healthcare marketers to continue to target this key segment with information on the importance of health insurance in order to ensure the number of uninsured Hispanics keeps falling.  Doing so will not only benefit your business, it will contribute to lasting, healthier results for all.

Source: US Census 2015 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement

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