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The Hispanic Rx Patient at-a-Glance

By Carlos Gutierrez, VP - Strategy and Insights - Healthcare

Hispanics currently represent billions of dollars in growth potential for the pharma industry. TechCrunch even predicted that 2015 is the year Hispanics become the most desired healthcare segment in the U.S. There’s the rapid growth of the population, and add to that their trust in healthcare messaging, a high prevalence of chronic illnesses and a lack of healthcare companies reaching out, and you have a substantial market of untapped consumers. Learn more about the Hispanic Rx patient.

RX Infographic


Source: Symphony Health TRx Retail Dollars MAT Ending September 2013 vs. 2014, Based on Known Ethnicity Adults 18+; U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey 2014 March Supplement; CDC U.S. Adult 2012 National Health Interview Survey, Based on A18+; VozLatinum Omnibus “Healthcare Trust and Openness”, February 2014. Survey Conducted Online Among A18+. 

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