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‘The Why? Behind The Buy’ Study Delivers New Research on the Hispanic Grocery Shopper

Last week, in partnership with Acosta Sales & Marketing, we unveiled an update to the Hispanic grocery shopper insights study, The ‘Why Behind The Buy.’ This installment of our Hispanic 411 webinars highlighted new research that showed how and why Hispanic consumers are disrupting and driving the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and grocery retail categories. We analyzed the growth of the Hispanic grocery shopper since our last webinar in 2012, and provided the latest insights on the behavior and attitudes of this ever-evolving segment. With Marianne Quinlan-Sacksteder, Director of Insights for Acosta’s Business Intelligence Unit, we explored growth patterns and nuances in the segment, and left marketers and attendees of the webinar empowered to embrace the influential Hispanic Shopper in their marketing communications and shopper marketing tactics. When marketing to the Hispanic grocery shopper it is essential to take into consideration the following:

  • Hispanics are a powerhouse grocery shopper. Not only are they optimistic about their financial future, but they are spending almost 10% more than their total U.S. counterparts in store. That is math that you can’t ignore.
  • Hispanics truly enjoy the shopping experience – it is all about retail-tainment! From your marketing creative to your shopper marketing tactics, look for opportunities to include the broader family shopping unit and recognize that Hispanics relish any opportunities for additional in-store engagement.
  • Help Hispanics “find the healthy.” For Hispanics, eating well is about “finding the healthy” in their favorite foods. They tend to focus on the additive healthy ingredients within a specific product, as opposed to what they lack.
  • Meals matter to Hispanics – and they should matter to you, too. Meals offer a time to reconnect with their beloved families, and brands should be taking advantage of the opportunity to play a part in that sacred time. In fact, Hispanics are eating 3.5 more meals a week than total U.S. – so there’s ample opportunity to be a meal solution hero.
  • Digital tools empower. Overall, Hispanic shoppers are more digitally engaged than the total U.S. population. This offers your brand incremental opportunities to be included in their shopping and planning lifecycle. Any omni-channel strategy to reach U.S. Hispanics must include mobile and social initiatives first.
  • Influence and willingness to experiment are key differentiators. Throughout the store and across important consumer product categories, Hispanic shoppers have a broader circle of influence than the total U.S. population and they are more inclined to try new products. Don’t miss a chance to forge a relationship with these product and brand champions.

If you missed our live webinar, you may view it on demand here. For more insights and thought leadership on the Hispanic shopper, be sure to follow @Hispanic411.

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