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Culture Unbound: Discovering Opportunity in Culture

Long before the conversation of a “Minority Majority” began, and long before mainstream musical artists sought out collaborations with Latin stars, Univision Communications Inc. was focusing on and listening to rising growth segments in America. Today we remain hyper-focused on celebrating and representing a new America, with the only portfolio of storytelling brands that is exclusively centered around inclusivity. In fact, this mission of inclusivity is what drives us – it’s what motivates all that we do.

To celebrate our place as the cultural capital of the media landscape, we are more focused than ever on signaling our passion for culture and what inclusivity offers our partners. From our perspective, culture can pay dividends for brands and organizations that take an unbound approach to their marketing strategies.

We know well that at the core of any brand’s future growth must be what Kantar Consulting has coined as the “inclusivity imperative.”  In fact, Chairman J. Walker Smith shared at Univision’s Leading the Change marketing forum just why no brand can afford to ignore the inclusivity imperative:

 “When you look at the data, the real secret to driving growth is inclusivity. In fact… in our world panel data we have found this worldwide. Looking at just one year recently, world panel calculated that of all the consumer packaged goods brands around the world, 39 countries, 200 different categories, less than half of them actually grew. And of those that grew, eight in 10 of them grew because they were more inclusive. They had more customers. They built more penetration.”

What this tells us is that uncovering new audiences is of the utmost value to your brands, and finding a way “in” through in-culture and in-language strategies is the first line of offense to building an inclusive communication strategy.

Indeed, culture is power.  It brings passions, principles, and a way of life. It spans from the workplace to the dance floor, from family dynamics to friend groups, from English to Spanish and everywhere in between.

To really understand culture, you have to examine it closely, to appreciate the textures, conversations, complexity, and diversity that exist in human-to-human interactions. To take advantage of the richness there, we believe that individuals, brands, and organizations need to immerse themselves in shared values and experiences, moving from simply fitting in, to discovering how they can truly belong. As author Brené Brown wrote in Braving the Wilderness, “True belonging is not passive….it’s not fitting in or pretending….it’s a practice that requires…getting uncomfortable.” In an age where consumers can sense if brands are being authentic from a mile away, it is important to go deep with insights—even if they counter pre-conceived ideas—to truly understand what resonates with them.

In an ever-shifting marketplace, we, too, are taking an unfettered approach to understanding and embedding ourselves in culture, though we know that it’s an ongoing process. We are freeing ourselves from paradigms of the past, from stereotypes, from guardrails, and from status quo thinking. We are unrestrained so that we can uncover game-changing insights and ideas. We are persistent in our innovation, because we know that if you don’t lead change, change will lead you.

Let us help you discover the untold potential for your business through our unbound, culture-rich approach.

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