Leading the Change 2022 | State Farm

State Farm has long been the leading auto insurer in the U.S., and for them to continue holding the top spot, they need to innovate their marketing plans year after year. Hispanics make up 25% of the Millennial and Gen Z populations in the U.S., segments that are growing in size and purchasing power. State Farm took this information and created a Hispanic marketing plan that wasn’t siloed from the General Market, but integrated in a way that make consumers feel valued, seen, and included. Using cultural identity and not just language, State Farm integrated insights on the Latino market into their creative assets, authentically engaging Hispanics and building a deeper connection. The end result was not just a cohesive effort for State Farm, but an authentic campaign that met the needs of the Hispanic consumer. 

“Seek to understand both the business needs of those consumers relative to your category and where they’re at in their journey, as well as the cultural insights,” said Sue Beigie, Brand Marketing Director at State Farm. “Fusing those together allows you to meet the customer need more but also bring more authenticity.” 

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