Behold the Growth of Fútbol in America


The passion. The drama. The fandom. Worldwide, there is no sport like “The Beautiful Game,” and in the U.S., it’s no different.  And it’s no surprise that as the Hispanic population in the U.S. grows, the popularity of soccer in the U.S. and Spanish-language viewing grows with it.  Any brand looking for growth within sports can’t overlook soccer as a huge opportunity for making their mark and meeting their goals. 

This past summer alone brought an unprecedented number of soccer tournaments and games to U.S. viewers, which delivered record viewership and ratings, proving that soccer mania is at an all-time high. In fact, the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup on Univision was the #1 soccer tournament of the summer, besting the Euro Cup on ESPN [1]. To further prove the dramatic increase of soccer viewership in the country, we recently conducted a survey with Civic Science which sheds light on the explosion of soccer fandom taking place in the U.S. today. Here are some key takeaways: 

More excitement, easier access 

According to the study, 64% of U.S. Hispanics believe soccer has become a more exciting sport. One of the main reasons for this is because technology has made fans’ viewing experience more engaging and easier to access. Soccer is now available on more platforms (including Univision’s new streaming service PrendeTV) than any other sport in the U.S.  

Spanish-language is key 

Fútbol is the king of sports for U.S. Hispanics, and it represents a huge growth opportunity for marketers who want to grow their business with this segment in an authentic way. According to the study, not only did nearly 90% of Hispanic fútbol fans say they prefer to watch soccer in their own language, but over 65% of non-Hispanics also said they prefer watching games in Spanish. It’s clear, if you want to reach the U.S. Hispanic community effectively, you must do it in Spanish.  And including your messaging alongside a fast-paced Spanish-language soccer game is one of the most powerful ways of connecting with Hispanic viewers.  

Univision is the Home of Soccer 

Thanks to our acquisitions of the best soccer properties across the globe and our ability to make more matches accessible to soccer fans across the U.S., Univision has become the undisputed Home of Soccer, owning 57% of the soccer viewership in the U.S. What’s more, according to the study, 74% of Hispanics recognize Univision’s soccer leadership in the U.S. and almost 70% of non-Hispanics say the same.    

The opportunity to reach this influential community has never been more crucial for brands who want to grow. The time is now. Are you ready to get in the game and win with Hispanics? 


[1] Sourcing: Nielsen, NPM, L+SD data. [2] Civic Science Poll conducted online among Civic Science Network sites visitors in September 2021 


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